City Details

Themes and Threats

Who ya gunna call?
Idea: The veil is thin in Newport. The city has a long history with the restless dead.
Face: Malcolm Farnsworth, Ectomancer

Weath of Supernatural Riches
Idea: Newport is at a confluence of mystical ley lines. This makes it very attractive to various supernatural factions.

Deadly in PInk
Idea: The Red Court and White court are currently in a prolonged shadow war over the region. They are both involved with different mob families, and are using them as proxies to fight the war. The politicians and police in the city are in a panic over the sudden surge in gang violence.

Balance of Power

Supernatural Status Quo
Red Court and White Court fighting each other outright. A few White Council wizards in the area, including Brionna and her father. The Fae are relatively quiet in the area. There is a den of Black Court vampires in Belcourt Castle.

Mortal Status Quo
Organized crime has spiked in the city, and there is an out-an-out mob war between the two main families. The local police are outnumbered and outgunned. They have reached out to the FBI for assistance.


Belcourt Castle
Tourist Trap
Face: Jeremy Belcourt, Black Court Vampire

Newport Hospital
Blood-Dimmed TIde
Faces: Brionna Richards, Malcolm Farnsworth

Ochre Court Mansion
Base of operations for the Red Court. Mansion is on the grounds of the University. During the day the mansion is used for public University events, but it is a very different scene at night.


Naval Station


Jeremy Belcourt
Black Court Sorcerer
Aims to torque up the tension between the Red Court and the White Court. He is hoping that they destroy one-another, creating a power vacuum for the Black Court to seize upon.

James Richards
Retired Warden
Deflated after the lose of his wife; has no fight left in him. Has bequeathed his Warden Sword to his daughter, Brionna. She is now acting Warden, though this is not yet officially sanctioned by the White Council.

Mena Suvari
Famous actress and Newport resident. The most active member of the White Court Suvari family (lust-feeding type of WC). Her father is the king of the Suvari family, but he is rarely seen.

Eddie Scarpeli
Red Court Goomba
The Scarlepli family is a powerful mob family in Newport. Currently they are affiliated with the Red Court, and are actively at war with the Demato family aligned with the White Court.

Blaine Richards
Lead Homicide Detective
Brionna’s brother. He is clued in enough to do what his sister says most of the time.

Johnson and Smith, FBI
FBI Special Investigations
Clued in members of the FBI, looking to keep the supernatural factions in Newport from destroying the city. Brionna has met them through her brother, Blaine Richards.

Malcolm Farnsworth
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butters
Medical Examiner and Ectomancer. Brionna has frequent contact with him and he gives her leads on strange cases that show up in his morgue.

Gertrude “Trudy” Coxe
Leave It Alone!
Powerful politician in Newport. Currently heads up the Preservation Society. She is clued in, and uses her position to maintain the balance of power between the supernatural factions in the city. She wants to keep the city she loves from being torn apart in the name of power.

Colleen Rearden
White Court Thrall
Hugo’s ex-girlfriend. She was seduced by a member of the White Court and taken away from him.

City Details

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