Haunted Jazz

Session #1

In a morgue. Blood spatter. Talk to the guard. Order not signed off on. Jayce looks around. Weird symbol in the notes, which are tossed around on his table. Blood dripping out of a box – the guard is in there. Hank is dead. Vampire attack most likely – Red Court. Brionna concerned about Malcolm. Jayce speaks to him – “What killed you?” “Horrible creatures with claws and fangs.” He hasn’t seen the symbol. “What about Malcolm?” “They took him.” “Still alive?” “Yes.”

Need to look at Felix’s body. Skin has been filleted off his body. About the size of a tattoo. Jayce takes a picture of the missing skin and Felix’s face. Brionna confirms that the sketch is of the tattoo that was on Felix’s chest.

She calls Hugo. Needs him right away. She has a mysterious Norse symbol. “Okay. Hang on. Yeah Janna I gotta go. No it’s another girl but not a girlfriend. Yeah I’m sorry. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Brionna calls Blaine. Jayce calls Seth. Seth drops the phone. Jumps on his motorcycle.

It’s a symbol associated with the Norse berkserkers – get it tattooed or on shields. Appeal to Odin for strength.
Lore: this has odd serifs. It’s magical geometry.

The body had a toe tag. Admittance papers said Cause of Death: unknown. Location: body left at a scene of an apparent gang fight.

Get Blaine to check the security camera footage. He calls back in half an hour. A helicopter landed. It was owned by a shell corporation. Couldn’t see who got into it but it took off east.

Ochre Court is to the east in Newport.

Brionna and Jayce go to the fight scene. The cops have come back to reopen the investigation. She finds someone that she knows – a friend of her brothers – and gets onto the scene. Jayce hangs around nearby. There’s a good amount of blood. A knife was left on the scene and guns were used. At the end of the alley is a steel fence with a gate. It was wrenched apart. Jayce meanwhile gets hurt – man with a rifle. Chase scene. One goes one way, another goes another. Brionna loses hers. Jayce chases his. He drops his rifle and starts firing wildly with a rifle. Jayce catches up and deploys Terminus Est, knocking him out immediately.

At Ochre Court, on the grounds of Salve Regina University, Seth goes up to the fence to look through, as a distraction. One of the guards grabs him. He clocks him. The other guard runs away. Hugo slips over the wall and opens the gate. He quickly stealths around the grounds, and sees a helicopter down at a utility building on the other side of the Cliff Walk. He heads past the guard again, warns Seth, and they slip away to Narragansett St. Brionna and Jayce are pulling up at this point. The guard spots Brionna driving. She and Jayce leave and park elsewhere. (Brionna drives a grey 80s model Corolla.) Meet up, and then realize that she has an unconscious man in her car. She goes back to set up a veil to make it look like another car.

Heading back out to the outbuilding, Jayce and Hugo scout around. Jayce goes one way – a man comes out of a door and spots him – and simultaneously Hugo goes the other way just as floodlights come on around the helicopter. The man coming out of the door has a berserker tattoo that’s glowing. Hugo acts like he’s just looking around and amazed at the copter. The guy about to go to work suggests that he leave. The guard coming out punches Jayce, who is not hurt. Brionna starts a spell. Hugo backs up against the building to Ready for Action (Aspect). Seth jumps up the wall to the roof into Cover (aspect). The Berserker attacks with a knife! 5 box damage to Jayce. Jayce attacks back – against the tattoo – cutting off part of the tattoo and stopping the magic! The guard is taken out – he crumples like a rag doll as the magic leaves.

Brionna keeps casting. Hugo climbs up the building to look in a utility window – a Red Court vampire having dropped all humanity flies right into him – they crash to the ground. Seth sets up to fire upon the doorway. Five berserker guards race out the door. There’s a man hanging back in the doorway – looks like a Red Court infected with a magic berserker tattoo. Jayce sprints closer to Hugo.

Brionna finishes gathering her magic and the winds rise, tangling up everyone who exited the building.

Hugo keeps rolling, bouncing down the cliff, turning constantly to keep the vampire under him so it smashes again and again into the cliffs.

Seth fires, spraying the men with bullets from his gun. Some go down, some get wounded. They fire back.

Hugo turns into a crow and flies away from the vampire, which dashes to the ground in the rocks and surf

Seth hears a door creak, and sneaks into position to aim.

The vampire climbs out of the water, dripping wet, to start up the cliff inhumanly quick.

The leader climbs up onto the roof. (He’s a Red Court infected.) He pokes a gun out and fires at Seth.

Jayce runs to the cliff and taunts the vampire who becomes enraged, scrambling up towards him.

However, racing down out of the sky, Hugo lands, plunging his beak into the vampire’s eye! The creature tears his own eye out and throws it – and Hugo – away! Badly wounded now (moderate consequence).

Seth blasts away, hurting the leader. He lunges dripping saliva, as Seth nimbly maneuvers out of reach, flinging him down to the ground (Fate Point).

The full vampire heads right at Jayce, clawing into him. (12 net, two Aspects and free tag the aspect on the vampire, Jayce takes his 4 stress box and a mild consequence Gouged.) Then he strikes back. Hard. With his glaive. Decapitation!

The Warden’s sword flashes out, into the infected’s heart! Brionna sits down and cries for a moment. Hugo sees flashlights coming. Malcolm is in the building. Race back to the car (under the veil) avoiding the oncoming flashlights.



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